Indiana Pacers Logo BRXLZ Build

Indiana Pacers Logo BRXLZ Build

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During this lockdown we know people are bored stuck inside, well same here with a house full of distractions from work we decided to set up a Youtube channel and make some videos in between working on the website and future plans.

Our first video is up and linked to the photo above. Building the Indiana Pacers Logo Brxlz which are available on our site now in 5 different teams. Shop Now

The Logo BRXLZ area bit smaller than LEGO and took about an 2 hours of on and off building to complete. They look great once built and fun to build, perfect for killing some time during this lockdown. If anyone is wanting one we will be giving free shipping on orders of BRXLZ while we're in lockdown.

For Free Shipping use code: lockdownlogo

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