Corona Virus Lockdown Update

Corona Virus Lockdown update

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Hi All,

Just providing you with an update on how we are dealing with the cover-19 lockdown.

This is a worrying time for everyone and we hope that you are keeping yourselves safe and following the government rules to help stop the spread of the virus.

Luckily after much debate last week, we started organising all of our products to remove from the store so we where ahead of getting stuff out, Leeds Corn Exchange which is now fully closed. So we have our full inventory here in a make shift web office so we can continue to provide online orders and social media content.

We have been quiet over the last couple of days as we have been setting up so we can be efficient with updating product descriptions and sizing on the website.

Don't worry we will be opening on the other side of this when everything is back to normal. We will continue looking for new products and ways to improve the in store and online experience for everyone. We'll be spending this time wisely and we will be working on designs and ideas for our t-shirts and plans for the future.

If yo have any ideas or see any improvements we can make drop us a message on Instagram, also if you can do us a favour and subscribe to our email updates that would be great!

Thank you


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